Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!!

Several years ago, the children at church (with the encouragement of their mothers) decided to custom make some neckties for their fathers to wear on Father’s Day. A wide variety of less-than-fashionable neckwear was assembled. Some ties were rescued from the back of Dad’s closet. Some came from thrift stores or yard sales. Others were undoubtedly donated by vindictive mothers-in-law.
The ties were all assembled along with a wide variety of craft accessories a couple of weeks prior to the big day. The children set to work with artistic passion. The results were… well, you can probably imagine. An ‘acid’ flashback to the 60’s could not have rivaled the outcome.
On Father’s Day there was a significant test of courage. Some dads were found wanting, but most gritted their teeth and wore that coveted gift to church. 2005 went down in history as the most memorable (and never to be repeated) Father’s Day on record. It also inspired the poem below.

A Just-For-Father Tie

The definition of awful
Is known to every guy
Who's had to smile while knotting,
A "just-for-Father" tie.
That special plaid and paisley
In shades of orange and green,
Cannot be imagined
The horror must be seen!
And only love unbounded
Would wear a thing that vile,
To see the satisfaction in
That tiny little smile.
So on this coming Father's Day,
Prove you are a man.
Wear that "just-for-Father" tie.
Come on!  You know you can!
©2005 William Steen
A little “worse for wear”, but I still have mine!
©2014 William L. Steen

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