Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Muzzlebo Flipstork Bought a Cat"

Muzzlebo Flipstork bought a cat

To chase away the mice,
But the lazy cat just slept all day
Which wasn’t very nice.
He bought a dog to wake the cat
To chase the mice away,
But Muzzle’s dog ignored the cat
And went outside to play.
He bought a goat to butt the dog
And make it wake the cat,
But the goat instead ate up the trash.
Can you imagine that?
He bought a pig to root the goat
And make it butt the dog.
It rooted under Muzzle’s chair;
A most annoying hog.
To make the pig do as it should,
Muzzlebo bought a horse.
I’m sure it’s no surprise to you,
That didn’t work—of course.
He bought a cow, rhinoceros,
An elephant and gnu.
He bought a penguin, chimpanzee,
A sloth and kangaroo.
But nothing that he seemed to buy
Would do what it should do,
And now his home—both house and yard
Were looking like a zoo.
Pets and pets kept adding to
His overcrowded house.
Which I think odd, because you know
He never had a mouse.
                        ©2001 William L. Steen

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